I am inclined to believe that there are no bad beaches in Maldives. The water is always crystal clear and at other times, blue. Resorts cluster by the dozens on this chain of islands and in fact it’s pretty hard to find a bad one. I’m sure there is in terms of service but most of them are pretty decent. But here are some of the more interesting ones in Maldives.


Stunning settings, white sandy beaches, gorgeous water villas, visitors have reviewed that this is one of the places that is just great value for money. Don’t get me wrong, the room rates are not cheap but they offer all-inclusive rates which means you don’t have to worry about spending more on food once you’re on site. Understandably, a few other resorts do this as well but in terms of food variety, accommodation and facilities, Diamonds Thudufushi is the way to go.



One word to describe this place is DREAMY. Beautiful water bungalows, great snorkeling and diving facilities filled with mantas and whale sharks, this place has all the action. Price range is steep but there are other resorts with higher price tags. Also one the resorts main attraction is the underwater spa. So if you’re into absolute relaxation and love spa wellness centers, you have got to try the underwater spa at Per Aquum. Nothing like having a massage with fishes looking at you.



One of the higher end places in Maldives. W Maldives is extremely extravagant and will indulge you in all your senses, with the hefty price to boot. Most resorts in Maldives are great but pales in comparison to W Maldives. Visitors almost never complain and the resort has almost perfect ratings. Their accommodations are spacious with glass flooring in some of their rooms. If you want luxury and don’t mind forking out a little (a lot actually!) then W Maldives is the place for you.



Considered to be one of the best value hotels, Bandos is not only amazing but is also well known for its varied marine life. Only 10 minutes away by boat from the airport, Bandos is a beautiful place for some fun in the sun. Rates are relatively reasonable and you can also opt for the all-inclusive option where food is also included. Beautiful villas, gorgeous settings with a full set of list of activities that you can do, makes Bandos Maldives a good, solid all-rounder resort.



Very chic and modern design, Holiday Inn Kandooma is not to be underestimated. Accommodation is furnished with clean and aesthetically pleasing designs and in some places even futuristic! The water villas even come equip with and on the water hammock/ net for you to lie down in while watching the waters beneath you. Another amazing thing about Holiday Inn is their facilities to cater for children. If you are travelling with kids than you should really check out Holiday Inn. Your kids will have a hard time getting bored.